Online Workshop

Online Workshop
Split level (over/under) photography
Shoot It Right -Split level (over/under) photography online workshop

Join Martin’s on-line interactive photography workshops focusing on variety of topics where he demonstrates the techniques used to get his most successful shots.
Use his experience, shortcuts and secret tips to improve your photography in the most efficient way.

The complete workshop includes 7 lessons aiming to specific wide angle photography disciplines.

1. The combination of ambient and artificial light in dark environments
2. Using the light in caves and mines
3. Wildlife wide angle photography
4. Capturing the movement
5. Split level (over/under) photography
6. Ambient light photography
7. Martin’s favourite tips and tricks

The price for a single 100-minute online lesson is €50. The package price for complete workshop including 7 lessons is €300.
E-mail us @ or get in touch via Martin’s facebook profile to join the online workshop.