30. Fish portrait in low visibility

Coping with the murky waters of European lakes and rivers or cold oceans is not always an easy task. Even the latest high-end camera paired with a super sharp lens and strobes producing beautiful light, all in the hands of a skilled photographer, are not a guarantee of a good shot. Visibility is a factor that hardly plays a role on land, but under water it critically determines the outcome. The layer of thick water between the lens and the object acts as an opaque filter that degrades the image in all aspects – it steals light, contrast, resolution and colors from our image. As a general rule, the poorer the visibility, the poorer the image quality, but as ambitious photographers, we rise to the challenge and strive to deliver, no matter how bad the conditions. On the other hand, it’s not all against us. Fish tend to be less shy in murkier water and limited visibility helps us to separate the object from the background. Here are a few tips on how to make the photography in limited visibility better.          


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