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Although Martin has been working as full-time underwater photographer and journalist since 2005, completed thousands of dives in variety of environments, he is still obsessed with capturing underwater emotions. Discoveries of horizons beyond recreational diving and the ambition to document technical diving stories inspired him so strongly that he got certified as cave, rebreather and advanced trimix diver. As wide angle photography is his favorite discipline, he has developed skills in lighting up the dark spaces and capturing the “big scenes” with a fine-tuning accent.

Partners: Hollis, Unterwasser Magazine, BARE, Atomic Aquatics, Zeagle, Oceanic, Subal Underwater Housings, Subtronic Lighting


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Photographs are printed on high quality Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl, photo paper finished with matt or glossy lacquer and signed by author. Packed in the plastic postal tube and shipped on your address.

Size [mm] 200 x 300 300 x 450 400 x 600 600 x 900 900 x 1200
Price 25 € 60 € 90 € 155 € 285 €

Another solution is adjustment on the 2mm thick aluminium plate. Regarding the character of this technique adjustment is available for larger formats only resulting in an elegant non-frame poster ready to be hanged in interior. Prices do not include 19% VAT, packing and shipping, insuarance. Delivery period varries from 6 – 14 days. Payment methods: Bank transfer, Moneybookers.

Size [mm] 300 x 450 400 x 600 600 x 900 900 x 1200
Price 60 € 150 € 270 € 450 €