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Since Martin was a kid he has been in a very close relation with water. It started with snorkeling on various summer holidays. Actually, he could snorkel even before he could swim. He has always been fascinated by the underwater world, loved watching movies with this topic and was dreaming of staying underwater longer than for just one breath. Back in 1995 in Croatia, when he was 15, his father made his dream come true and they both did a scuba diving course together.

They used to go on diving vacation like twice a year. Before Martin started underwater photography he enjoyed adrenaline deep diving which resulted in couple of light diving accidents. That changed suddenly when he borrowed his father’s underwater camera. The environment and objects around usually provide enough opportunities to get entertained with, and so there is no longer need for adrenaline dose hunting. However sometimes he finds himself in equally exciting situations, like once in South Africa, when he was bitten by a shark.

It didn’t take long till he got his first underwater camera rig and started taking pictures as a hobby photographer. As he was spending more and more time under water with the camera in hands, he started to be fond of it so much that he got a proper equipment later on and basically he’s been doing real underwater photography since 2005. Martin’s favourite discipline is wide angle photography, because it provides more flexibility and space to see the unique character of underwater environment with his own eyes. Capturing a strong feeling when a diver “falls down“ in the blue abyss or “flyes“ above a beautiful reef in a strong current is a never-ending topic.

Big animals, especially sharks are his favourite objects to photograph. People often ask him if he is not afraid of them. He actually feels little threatened when he is in the water but not underwater. That’s when he can’t control what’s happening because he is in both worlds in the same time. As soon as he is down there, he feels safe.

He has been lucky to have won some global underwater competitions in the past. That’s when the partnership with the German Unterwasser magazine started – they’ve used Martin’s photographs as cover pictures several times. With editors they have produced number of exciting travel stories. Soon other magazines and scuba diving equipment producers contacted him. He also gets to travel a few times per year to exotic destinations thanks to clients which order his photography services. These are usually magazines or travel agencies.!/photographer/martin-strmiska

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Photographs are printed on high quality Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl, photo paper finished with matt or glossy lacquer and signed by author. Packed in the plastic postal tube and shipped on your address.

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